SQL for Machine Data?

Comparison of SQL vs. Splunk for machine data use cases

Webinar Description

By 2020, 50% of all new software will process machine-generated data of some sort (Gartner). Historically, machine data use cases have required non-SQL data stores like Splunk, Elasticsearch, or InfluxDB.

Today, new SQL DB architectures rival the non-SQL solutions in ease of use, scalability, cost, and performance. Please join this webinar for a detailed comparison of machine data management approaches.


45 minutes

What you will learn

  • Machine data use cases and trends

  • New SQL DB architectures for machine & IoT data

  • Comparison of SQL vs. Splunk vs. Elasticsearch

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About the Speakers

Andy Ellicott

Andy Ellicott, Product & Developer Relations


A former software engineer, Andy has spent the last 20 years launching and evangelizing new databases. Before joining Crate.io in 2016, Andy helped launch the Cloudant DBaaS (acquired by IBM), and before that, launched VoltDB, Vertica, and ObjectStore (last millennium!).