Event Recording

CrateDB v4.5 OSS release

and tales from the machine room


On March 23rd 2021 Crate.io welcomed members of the developer and open source community to celebrate the release of CrateDB v4.5 - the open source release!

You can watch the whole event hosted by Simon Potgieter here on demand. If you click on Next in the player controls you get to the next video, or you can select the playlist symbol in the upper right corner of the player to directly access the video you would like to watch.

  1. Talk about the importance of open source software
    • Eva Schönleitner, CEO, Crate.io
    • Christian Lutz, President, Crate.io
    • Bernd Dorn, CTO, Crate.io

  2. Dr. Federico M. Facca, Chief Technology Officer, Martel Innovate, talks about how an open source project (Quantum Leap) currently uses CrateDB

  3. Panel discussion moderated by Georg Traar, Crate.io's Head of Customer Engineering, around what it means to align with open source values with
    • Amanda Brock, CEO Open UK, former General Counsel, Canonical
    • Natali Vlatko, Open Source Lead, Wayfair
    • PJ Hagerty, Founder DevRelate.io/Sr Dev Advocate at Mattermost
    • Per Ploug Krogslund, Head of Product Security at Zalando SE