Time Series Data and Use Cases 

Put Machine Data to Work

What you will learn

  • Important differences in time series workloads - Big or small data volume? Wide or narrow data diversity? Simple aggregates vs. predictive analytics?

  • Comparison of different TSDBs - which work best in different use cases?

  • Industrial time series - replace or augment aging data historians?

  • TSDB design essentials - parallel processing, scaling, schema flexibility

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About the Speakers

Andy Ellicott

Andy Ellicott, Product & Developer Relations


Andy has spent 25 years building, launching, and evangelizing new technologies that help companies transform the way we work, learn, heal, play, and connect. Before joining Crate.io in 2016, he led product and marketing at Cloudant (IBM) and Vertica (HP), and prior to that, has held software engineering positions in the pharmaceutical and HRIS industries.