Anatomy of the CrateDB Machine Data Platform

Lessons learned building, securing, and scaling a SQL machine data platform

Webinar Description

An in-depth look at the design and development of the Crate Machine Data Platform, a highly scalable SQL system built to integrate, enrich, and analyze Industrial IoT & Smart City data in real time.

We hope our learnings building the CrateMDP will help you with your machine data challenges.

Database and software technologists building IoT, Industry 4.0, and other Smart Systems.


  • Machine Data Platform use cases
  • Machine data management requirements
  • SQL vs. Time Series vs. NoSQL DBMS choices
  • Machine Data Platform architectural choices: DBMS, Containers, Identity Management, Loading, Enriching, Monitoring
  • Crate MDP - Deployment and operations


45 minutes

What you will learn

  • Designing a system capable of integrating billions of data points per day, in dozens of data formats, running complex, real-time queries.

  • Technology choices for scaling and securing the platform - containers, DBMS, data loading, identity management, hosting.

  • Design choices & trade-offs. Build vs. Buy? Cloud or On-premises? SQL vs. NoSQL? Open source options?

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About the Speakers

Andy Ellicott

Andy Ellicott, Product & Developer Relations


A former software engineer, Andy has spent the last 20 years launching and evangelizing new databases. Before joining Crate.io in 2016, Andy helped launch the Cloudant DBaaS (acquired by IBM), and before that, launched VoltDB, Vertica, and ObjectStore (last millennium!).

Dominik Moosbrugger

Dominik Moosbrugger, Head of Professional Services


Dominik is responsible for customer success and professional services at Crate.io. He has been instrumental in the development of the Crate Machine Data Platform and in the on-boarding and success of its users. Prior to joining Crate, Dominik spent 10 years in technical consulting and project management at Accenture and other technology companies in Austria.