CrateDB Cloud on Azure

The #1 database for IoT-scale

Deploy within minutes, scale without limits and pay-as-you- go choosing plans purpose- built for putting IoT use cases of every scale to work.

CrateDB Cloud on Azure leverages the power of CrateDB in the Cloud and deeply integrates it into Azure by combining the best of three worlds.

Designed to handle the complexity of time series workloads in real-time, CrateDB Cloud is a fully- managed Database-as-a- service, secured, scaled and operated by the engineers that built CrateDB.

What you will learn

  • Massive amounts of data can be decentrally captured and queried in real time, with maximum reliability and availability

  • The service can also be flexibly adapted to individual application scenarios by adjusting performance to the actual workload at the touch of a button.

  • Costs are incurred only for the services actually used, which guarantees a high degree of flexibility and transparency.

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