Machine Learning and Time Series

Put Machine Data to Work

With news that Machine Learning (ML) is overtaking humans in predicting death or heart attack, we are finding that it is becoming the modern foundation of artificial intelligence, which is used every day. So many well known tools rely on it such as Google's search engine, face recognition on smartphones, self-driving cars, Netflix and Spotify recommendation systems all use machine learning algorithms to adapt to the individual user. *

Having a robust Time-Series Database running in the background can be fundamental for a machine learning tool to function correctly.

Join this webinar for an introduction to Time-Series Data and Machine Learning, and explore how CrateDB presents a robust, scalable Database for such use-cases. Follow along to our step-by-step demonstration on how to set up CrateDB, connect it to a machine learning environment and apply simple ML techniques.

*from medicalxpress

What you will learn:

  • Set up environment to run CrateDB, connect to Jupyter, R

  • Demonstrating how to use crateDB, showing the crate DB user interface

  • Run simple analysis and show how to use CrateDB & Jupyter

  • Q & A Session

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Nina M. Feuerstein

Developer Relations