Industrial Time Series Data Myths & Realities

Exploring time series use cases and databases

Webinar Description

Time series databases are red hot right now. They are exploding in popularity (again) because of new demand in IoT, Smart Factories, and DevOps.

In this webinar on 20 November, we will help you make the best database choice for your time series project by explaining:

  • How time series use cases differ, from simpler IT monitoring to larger industrial systems
  • How different TSDBs match up with each use case
  • Industrial time series reference architecture, featuring CrateDB for Azure IoT

What you will learn

  • Important differences in time series workloads - Big or small data volume? Wide or narrow data diversity? Simple aggregates vs. predictive analytics?

  • Comparison of different TSDBs - which work best in different use cases?

  • Industrial time series - replace or augment aging data historians?

  • TSDB design essentials - parallel processing, scaling, schema flexibility


45 minutes

Additional Resources

Achieving Scalability with CrateDB

What you will learn

  • CrateDB’s query throughput scalability

  • Benchmark data utilizing time series data

  • Horizontal scalability performance results and architectural setup best practices