Does IoT need a specialized data stack?


Webinar Description

Are the databases we use today ready to handle the flood of new IoT data?

Is it a job for SQL? NoSQL? Time series? Or is a multi-database architecture the best solution?

Join us for a webinar on February 22 to hear Crate.io CTO and co-founder, Jodok Batlogg, share his answers to these questions. Jodok will cover:

  • What’s machine data?
  • Real-world use cases from manufacturing, transportation, telecom and others.
  • The open source ecosystem available for IoT and machine data.
  • The pros and cons of SQL, NoSQL, multi-model, and polyglot data stacks.

The webinar is intended to help you make better-informed architecture decisions in your next machine data project.




What you will learn

  • Why does machine data require specialized tooling?

  • What open source tooling can help you work with machine data?

  • How can you best cope with data at extreme scale?

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About the Speakers

Jodok Batlogg

Jodok Batlogg

Founder, CTO


Jodok Batlogg is the CTO of CrateDB, helping create tooling for working with machine data at scale. He’s based in Dornbirn, Austria and loves machine data, big data, all data!