When traditional RDBMs fail

Migrating from Postgres to CrateDB

Webinar Description

When querying data at scale, traditional databases often become a bottleneck because of results loading too slowly. This experience can result in a subpar experience for your customers and users.

Horizontally scalable databases like CrateDB often outperforms Postgres when it comes to aggregations, search, or simple query speed. Want to see CrateDB in action? We will briefly cover CrateDB’s architecture and then dive into some common queries used to measure query performance with Postgres and CrateDB. We’ll be using a large 311 dataset for our queries.


45 minutes

What you will learn

  • Understand how CrateDB is built for speed and scale

  • Discover common use cases that succeed with CrateDB, (and when it fails with Postgres)

  • Learn how to run common queries in CrateDB, and recognize their speed


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

10:00am PT / 1:00pm ET

About the Speakers

Claus Matzinger

Claus Matzinger, Developer Relations


A software engineer by trade, Claus runs field engineering at Crate.io, the creators of CrateDB, a distributed SQL database. As a former CTO of a health startup and an Raspberry Pi and Rust (the programming language) enthusiast, Claus also maintains several drivers for sensors in the Rust community. He loves connecting with developers to talk about putting machine data to work in exciting IoT systems.